"Double the impact, double the Heartbeatz"

At the heart of your event is a Master of Ceremonies who sets the pace, rhythm, tone and success of your event; they are your event HeartBeat! 

When vast amounts of time, money and energy are spent in bringing teams together to focus and learn, a Duo MC greatly increases the scope and variety of interaction with the audience.  Together Robbi Mack and Donald MacKee open up a whole new level and world of entertainment and engagement possibilities giving another point of difference in a conference line up. This includes the seamless execution of run sheets, introductions, sponsors and most importantly managing the energy of the audience.  Having Robbi and Donald MC your event creates flexibility and harmony when the group is divided or at different locations.

Having collectively performed for decades, this engaging couple have rocked the stage to audiences worldwide using comedy, interactive improvisation and cabaret in corporate, on television and in theatre.  You can expect energy, electricity and a huge dose of authenticity.

If you’re looking for a unique point of difference for your event with world-class performance experience, then Mack2 Duo MC are your complete conference comperes covering all your business sessions and social events.  Double your Heartbeatz with Robbi and Donald.

key outcomes.png
  • Wider appeal to mixed gender audiences 
  • Exponential increase of energy on stage with greater variety of engagement tools
  • Greater flexibility of audience management with concurrent running sessions and social/gala events
  • Stamina to manage multiple day conferences